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NOTE: NORC 2018 is 2-way! Here are some downloads you may find of interest in planning for your Highway 318 run. Use at your own risk. The last few downloads are a history of April Fools Day jokes on the SSCC Message Board, but the first six are real and helpful.

2-Way Pace Notes 110 mph

Starting in 2018, NORC will be a 2-way race. These are the pace notes, sheet 1 for southbound, sheet 2 for northbound.

Download NORC2Way_110.xlsx

Pace Notes

Example of Highway 318 (Silver State Classic Challenge Highway) pace notes for a Target Speed of 125 mph - USE AT YOUR OWN RISK! The turn speeds indicated are for a race-prepared Acura NSX - your adhesion may vary. NOTE 4/9/2015: Have changed Lincoln County mile markers to reflect latest changes.

Download ORRAID_PaceNotes_125_Tulip_comp.xls

The Narrows Nomograph

Download this Marasco nomograph to help decide how much time to put in the bank going into the Narrows. Many thanks to Joe Marasco for creating the nomograph from my inputs. Print it out, then use a ruler!

Download NarrowsNomo1.pdf

Top Speed Calculations

Download Top Speed Calculations.doc

Blue's Rookie Notes for 318

Here are the notes that the Rookie Coordinator, Blue, gives out to each rookie in the Highway 318 events. He graciously contributed them to this site as well. He also includes target times for mile markers at various target speeds.

Download Rookie sheet 2017.pdf

Top Speed Spreadsheet

Formulas too much for you? Steve Donegan makes it easy - just plug in your numbers and his spreadsheet does the rest!

Download Top Speed Spreadsheet.xls

Las Vegas Sun

Download Nevada Man Wins Lottery.pdf


Download JRMotorsports.doc

SSCC Rules Addendum

Download RulesChangesSSCC.doc

SSCC Rules Changes

Download RulesChangesSSCC.pdf


Download Googlemobile.doc

2013 SSCC Rules Addendum

Download 2013_Rules_Addendum_130401.pdf

Arduino 1.6.1

Download arduino-1.6.1-windows (1).exe


Download ledcontrol-master.zip


Download PinChangeInt.zip


Download timerone-master.zip